What’s Your Spiritual Lifestyle?

We are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience.  We don’t have to be a monk to access more of who we really are!  Patients often ask me to explain their experiences that caused profound impact on their view of themselves and the nature of the reality they live in. Having lived through such experiences myself, I had already been looking for answers that made scientific and practical sense.

Growing up in a traditional African-American Baptist home with a preacher grandfather, I had very specific beliefs instilled from an early age. Yet that same preacher grandfather talked of his personal experiences that were transcendent in nature but received as “supernatural” stories. Then I had my first transcendent experience during a stressful, demanding athletic exercise competing for a “seat” on the one of Harvard’s lightweight crew shells. During the pain and exhaustion over the course of one hour, I found myself strangely floating above the machinery at the level of the clock high on the wall. No more pain and my body was still working below along with everyone else! The unique part was that I could watch the clock and myself simultaneously as if I were an observer in the room. Time seemed to be suspended yet simultaneously passing more rapidly. So, it wasn’t a flash of inspiration or the heavens opening up, but it got my attention.

Beliefs about meditation…occult knowledge of our African forefathers…transcendent experiences…I began to search for knowledge that would make sense of my background inconsistencies, recent experiences, learning and desires for a healthy lifestyle.  Many people I encountered during my years in practice and in life have shared similar events of a transcendent moment—professional athletes describing how time slows down during a play or they experience a “knowing” of what to do next though slightly different or greatly different from the play at hand—and it became the big play. People “seeing” a scene related to a situation like they were daydreaming or getting the sudden urge or thought to go a different way that avoids a tragedy. My wife dreaming about a bed full of scorpions and that morning a big one is found under the covers—not a common finding in our bed!  I entered my first formal occult metaphysical school while in medical school. These parallel paths of knowledge, experience and sciences often complemented and contradicted each other. They often validated metaphysical principles via medical research findings. My most exciting trainings happened later with Kalimasada, the Living Soul Series, and work with medical aspects of meditation. I’ll be talking about ways to integrate these sciences for a more healthy lifestyle, flowing from the Spiritual through the physical.  Check out the link attached.  You Are The Spiritual Interface demonstrated–Kalimasada Test Exercise for Energy Projection 4 hours ago.  Please share some of your experiences with the community!