The Day Creator

The Day CreatorThe Day Creator exercise allows you to open the spiritual space in consciousness to create the best outcomes for your day.

Starting from this place of “Universal Unity,” held within the mind of God, we acknowledge the true source of our existence and reality that permeates all our activities. There you will review your activities/plans and energize them by acknowledging God’s presence.

“Relax and Review” is for the day’s end—a time to release the tensions of the day and any negative attachment one may have to displeasing events. You will find it changes your perspective and is personally healing. Practicing the mind consciousness exercises using our online mindfulness mediation CDs will create the spiritual inner awareness of God’s presence that will positively impact your daily events.

The 3 As 1 Successful Living Series title Day Creator download is the best way to begin that journey right away; simply purchase and download the MP3 version and begin changing your outcomes today.