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Guided Meditation Downloads Mean a Faster Start to Spiritual Well Being

When you recognize the need to choose more healthful activities, the urge to get started right away can be powerful. Following that instinct means that you will begin to create a new healthy habit immediately – while you are most ready and willing to undertake something new. Guided meditation downloads can have an immediate effect on your efforts to generate spiritual wellbeing.

The search for spiritual well being, recognizing our inner connection to the divine, is the first step to more positive outcomes in your life. Nurturing and exploring the divine connectedness can only benefit your spiritual well-being. Meditation is an excellent way to begin the exploration.

One of the wonders of our modern age is the ability to access information quickly and easily. First find a guided meditation program that speaks to your longing for connectedness, then download the program immediately to begin practice. There is a whole spectrum of meditation download or meditation MP3 files available to choose from. Here at 3 As 1, we have put our years of experience in the medical and meditation fields into our Successful Living Series, available in three titles. The Day Creator, the Blessed Union, and the Spiritual Mind Enhancer guided meditation programs are all available for immediate download and use.

Whichever guided meditation download program that you choose, the key is put forth sincere effort to practice and to learn to find that divine connection.

Benefits of Learning to Meditate

Learning to meditate is learning to calm your mind and control your thoughts. In the course of a normal day, most adults’ minds are like a snow globe that has been shaken. There are a myriad of thoughts just racing around, one on top of the next. Meditation allows us to set the snow globe down so that the thoughts settle down and our minds become as clear as the still water in the globe.

Once we understand that simple act of freeing the mind, meditation can be used for so much more. One of the most productive uses of meditation is to establish a spiritual relationship with God that has the side benefit of blessing our daily activities and keeping us focused on positive outcomes.

Day Creator, the first guided meditation CD in the Successful Living Series, includes training for two types of meditation activities that benefit our minds – universal consciousness at the beginning and ending of each day. In Universal Unity, you will create the spiritual consciousness that will set up the best outcomes for your day. In Relax and Review, you will release tension and negative energies from your day that will promote a healing and peace.

Meditation promotes powerful changes in your life. Learning to meditate and practicing meditation regularly will benefit your work, your health, and your peace of mind.

Why Dual Tonality is Important in Brainwave Entrainment

Our brains create different rhythms and patterns constantly. These patterns and activity move up, down, and all around in reaction to what is being heard, thought, and felt. Usually there is one dominant thought or action, with many other active functions at various levels of background. Imagine hearing a complex chord played on an instrument: you may focus in on just one pitch, but you are hearing and processing all of the notes no matter how many are played.

One of the goals of meditation is to quiet and control the brain activity to allow for deep relaxation meditation and higher spiritual consciousness. This is accomplished by training the brain to respond in a predictable way to a consistent stimulus or process. A single tone brain entrainment is like hearing just the one dominant pitch of the chord. But adding dual tonality opens up the meditation training exercises so that the brain can process complex activities in an organized way.

To achieve the most effective level of meditation, theta meditation, it is important to utilize a guided meditation download that includes dual tonality brainwave entrainment. The Successful Living Series title The Spiritual Mind Enhancer provides guided meditation training that is specifically focused on achieving the theta meditative state.

Why Couples Meditation is Helpful

Serious, committed couples desire to have a deepening connection throughout their lives. They strive for harmony and union in all aspects of their relationship, but none as important as a spiritual connection that will nurture the individuals as well as the union.

Couples often describe this desire as a yearning for closeness, the fulfillment of two hearts that beat as one. Achieving that closeness requires the time and effort to work together with a common purpose: strengthen the bonds of union.

Couples meditation creates the space for two people to utilize couples prayer through spiritual meditation exercises. As you begin to make the most of couples meditation with guided meditation exercises, you will discover a space of calm and peace in your relationship that is renewing, and that deepens with repeated practice. Couples meditation creates a connectedness with yourself, with your partner, and eventually with universal consciousness.

That connectedness translates to deeper intimacy that is reflected in the deeper spiritual well being of the union. The unity of spiritual minds will also reflect in the union of physical minds and bodies. You will experience new intensity to your loving relationship by practicing couples meditation.

Guided Meditation Download Can Improve Theta Meditation

Achieving theta meditation levels takes practice and patience. With a guided meditation download you could begin to improve your meditation skills immediately. In MP3 format, focused daily meditation exercises are available whenever you are ready, wherever you are located. You could choose a theta meditation download specifically, or just focus on daily guided meditation techniques. The Successful Living Series offers both types guided meditation exercises.

With theta meditation guided exercises, you can work to achieve the theta meditation state. Theta level meditation is an advanced state, and is the optimum level for achieving deep relaxation medical meditation benefits as well as the greatest overall spiritual inner awareness. If you are already comfortable with daily meditation, then focusing on brain entrainment for theta level is your next goal.

If you are new to meditation, you may benefit from mastering deep relaxation meditation. Before you can consistently achieve the advanced theta level meditation state, you will need to feel comfortable and confident with daily meditation and guided meditation techniques. Downloadable guided meditation exercises are the fasted way to begin gaining that confidence.