Theta Meditation

The theta meditation state is achieved at 4-7 Hz of brainwave activity. This is the optimal combination of expanded awareness with maintained consciousness. Theta meditation is the deep level needed for hypnotic suggestions to take root, and can also include the experiences of remote viewing, of self-healing, and of clairvoyance. Often the theta meditation level promotes a cosmic consciousness or spiritual inner awareness that is simply not available in any other mind state.

The goal of theta meditation is to maintain conscious awareness despite reduced environmental input. This is the natural level of brain activity as we fall asleep, and remaining conscious in this state requires brain entrainment and practice.

The purpose of theta meditation is to provide for a more spiritual mind that has expanded insight and creativity. Visualization, imagination and emotion are most effective for communication with the spiritual mind that is developed at the theta meditative state. This communication brings endless information about the world that is often received as intuition.

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