A Picture Of Health: First Steps To The Next Level

Everyone has some concept of what good health and prosperity mean.  The options are overwhelming in number, level of commitment and theory.   Attitudes, activities and personal discipline are involved.  Most ideas don’t include full alignment of the physical, mental and Spiritual as the optimal strategy. It gets mixed up with dogma, subjective experience and less objective evidence. We need to feel confident that we are working with a force both “intelligent” and one we can feel.  If it were flowing from the Creator, it should be accessible in a safe and meaningful way.  I spent time studying Kalimasada in order to demonstrate that there is a flow of Spiritual energy we can experience first hand. If you search your memory banks, you may also discover times when you felt this connection. 

Do you believe that you are part of “The Big Picture”—in a dynamic relationship with the Creator of life and experience?  This may be perceived as a passive presence, only initiating the process of life, with the rest left up to us, or one that is interactive, based on your level of participation.  Start where you are now in your belief. Let’s take the stance that the Creator put it all in motion as the initiator and continuous sustainer of our system of reality. It’s the continuous sustenance that is the issue for most people. For thousands of years, religious institutions had attempted to be middlemen between the Creator and people. The underlying Axiom from my prior post changes this understanding: your existence is intimately a part of that Presence. The flesh, the mind and consciousness are all made of this Substance. So, at the very least, the possibility of an interactive relationship is “built in.”  We can be thankful for this foundation.  

Over a 10-year period, I worked with patients to help them recover from various drug and alcohol addictions. One of my lectures was on religion and spirituality and how they could be used in recovery. Many patients had little or no belief, or felt betrayed by God or their faith due to traumas they suffered as children. Most interesting was how they and their family responded to the request to define religion vs. spirituality. Invariably, despite differences in race, culture, and faith or no faith, I kept getting the same answers. Religion was a set of rules to live by: “dos and don’ts—mostly don’ts, doc”, as one person said. Spirituality was different. It was something uniquely personal, a feeling and/or image experienced within consciousness, a sense of inner peace or well-being independent of beliefs. You may have already experienced this in some manner. It can be a major driver for improved health. Inner peace is the ultimate “de-stressor.” 

Your first exercise is to find and identify some aspect of creation, either personal or in the world, for which you can be grateful.  Start to develop a positive attitude independent of circumstances. Yes, a lot of hurt and tragedy exists, but we can still focus on what’s good in ourselves, in those we meet and in the world. An attitude of gratitude is the core that keeps us moving forward, despite our ups and downs.  So, what can you be thankful for?

It also helps to have an affirmation you can recite about yourself, your goals, or your health. It can be as simple as: “I am prosperous,” or “I bring out the best in everyone I meet.” The catch is that, at this level of mind, the power of the higher connection communicates through emotion and imagery.  It’s important to do this exercise every morning and evening when you are alone and can practice affirming with positive feelings.   The other crucial step, while feeling good, is to imagine all the positive implications of what you just affirmed. What would more prosperity mean to your life—not just money – how about health, relationships, peace of mind? What would it feel like to have more money and the time to enjoy it?  That’s real prosperity!  Practice this exercise for about 7-10 minutes when you first wake up, before getting out of bed. Picture in mind  your affirmation while speaking it with a smile and positive emotion in front of the mirror. Make it part of your routine when getting ready for work. Use this exercise during the day on your commute, break times or before stressful situations.  Smile quietly to yourself as you enjoy the positive emotion. Its an important first step to remembering all that you are!

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You Can’t Outrun The Brain, But Can Change The Mind

Why don’t we use our brains in a more purposeful manner to impact our health and well-being?  We have tons of information on the web addressing these theories and processes, yet we just note them as interesting, helpful or validating, but never take the next step.  My financial planners tell me people spend more time planning their vacations than planning their financial future!  Are we just looking to feel good for the moment or for the future? What’s the connection?  Perhaps we don’t have a good handle on who we really are.  What does that mean for what we want?   How do we get there using more existential methods than good ol’ hard work and effort?  One of the most difficult issues we face is confidence in the actions taken today giving predictable outcomes. This was really driven home after the recent financial depression. Fortunately, there are some answers and pathways available. They will take some of your time and effort. In the beginning they will feel uncomfortable.   There may be no immediate results. The pathway to disappointing results feels comfortable in the beginning and does not have immediate results either.  They both start off very much the same. As aptly stated by author Jeff Olson, “They are easy to do [the comfortable unhelpful activities], easy not to do” [the initially uncomfortable helpful activities].  The bad news is if we just keep doing what we have been doing, the underlying creative energy we are connected to will keep manifesting the same experiences.  The outcomes directly relate to the ideas and beliefs we hold in predominance in our minds.

The mind and consciousness function as your reality management machine. We re-create reality all the time.  Think of the brain as a video and sound editing computer getting its “feed,” all that you are experiencing, from your five sensory receivers. It converts the feed into electro-chemical nerve impulses that go to different areas of your brain for analysis. We only have a few milliseconds for that analysis, so it’s hard to intervene. During that time, we compare what we perceive to past experiences and judge its importance to us. This analysis is a crucial part of our mental functioning, health, and well-being.  It drives a lot of your “automatic,” seemingly unconscious decisions. Ever have a change in your routine but find yourself taking the same turns or stops on the train contrary to that new plan? This means that your system is doing its job, keeping the mundane or habitual from cluttering your consciousness so you can enjoy what’s coming through your ear buds. It’s the same system of activities that leads you to develop a particular emotional attitude even though new circumstances dictate taking a new approach or response. 

 Now imagine how the Spiritual interface is working in the background to further support and drive your reality. It’s very hard to accept that “reality” when we function without awareness of it every moment every day. Well, we function every day with gravity too, whether we like it or not!

You can’t outrun the speed of thought.  I’ll be posting how to benefit from today’s medical and Spiritual technologies to retrain and deploy new attitudes and actions.  The combination of the two provides a multiplier effect that pays back much greater than the sum of each separately.  I understand!  It took me awhile to reconcile the mental and biological factors with the Spiritual in a meaningful way…

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Your Health Attitude—Are You Creating Dis-ease?

Eustress or Distress

The last video link of an adolescent practicing Kalimasada demonstrates the results of study and belief. What’s that got to do with your health? It illustrates the powerful potential we all have within. There is a connection between the mind and body with the Creator.

Your health has as much to do with attitude and beliefs as it does with genetics and straightforward biology. Of most importance, recent research in Neurosciences has documented how excessive stress and major illnesses such as clinical depression and PTSD mobilize the body’s immune system to attack the brain.  This causes deficits in cognition, memory and emotional functioning.  We know that beliefs and emotions translate into immune system changes. It’s not a big stretch to see how stressful, unhealthy lifestyles increase risk for heart disease, where we also find an inflammatory process at work.  Many of you may have seen the expansion of the word disease into ‘dis-ease’…

We are now enhancing the knowledge in medical science with the innate spiritual wisdom in disciplines such as Kalimasada. We can measure immune system inflammatory factors at work during severe stress and major mental illnesses. We can identify forms of Cognitive Psychotherapy that have a positive effect on reducing these inflammatory factors.  For those fortunate not to have these health challenges, we have the opportunity to promote healthier functioning. Your “reality management machine,” i.e. your mind (more on that later!), is in a unique position to transfer information from the Spiritual you to the physical you, to further enhance your well-being.  You can increase the harmony and prosperity you desire!  

You may have been wondering why I requested to have this blog published in the health section of Epoch Times.  My challenge is to help you see the Big Picture. We are already connected in many ways to The Source that is eternally creating and sustaining the universe.  The system is in operation whether you are aware of it or not.  It responds to the data you put in—from your daily experiences, fears, hopes, anticipations and activities.  Most of us go through life unaware of this resource and its impact on our successes and failures.  The process really has you in the driver’s seat. As it operates in response to our thoughts and emotions, we get to live the results.  Many miss out on opening their Spiritual connection to amplify this process for better physical health and prosperity.  If you focus on fear, anxious worrying, or negative attitudes about yourself, you are giving instruction that promotes ‘dis-ease’ emotionally, physically and experientially.   So, the more you learn ways to purposefully use your mind and reduce/remove the negative, it will pay you dividends in health and prosperity!  Seems logical, so why has it been so hard to employ in everyday life?   For more science info:

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Time for A Reality Adjustment!

Making that lightbulb bounce and seeing my palm and that of my instructor change color still amaze me!  What kind of reality have I entered now?  How do we reconcile this with our understanding of who we are and where we come from?  Before I go further, a brief summary of what I learned from the several schools may tie this together. I compared the schools’ messages to hopefully find an underlying Axiom[s] that transcended the cultural, historical and philosophical differences. That was the scientific part of my mind that wanted consistency.  I did find this consistent foundational belief or Axiom: Before any form of manifestation, be it nuclear particle or “primordial dust,” there was only the Creator. The Creator filled all space, was timeless and there was nothing to fill in the gaps, as there were none.  This means that all particles, waveforms and living organisms, including man, were made within the very Creator.  Our physical reality is a complex, magnificent thought form, made from the substance of  the Creator.  Our minds are a microcosm of this process: “as above, so below.” It does not mean we are “below” the Creator here on earth, but that we are at lower levels of awareness and function within the Creator’s presence. Think of your mind and existence as a 120 volt current outlet coming from a 50,000 volt source. Several step-down transformers exist between the source and you to step the electricity down to a usable level. But it’s still the same electricity and comes from the same source.  What if we could increase the capacity of the outlet to safely handle progressively more voltage? Could that improve health, reduce stress, and enhance ability to direct the outcomes in life in a more positive way?  The possibilities are exciting and sometimes scary, as they mean a departure from the way we look at life and our ability to more actively effect the outcomes.  Before I could develop this system of access, I had to overcome my internal scientific skepticism on the ability to make the connection without any special talents or gifts. It had to be a process based on safe, reasonable access for the majority of people willing to put in some time and training. I made a long overdue trip to Indonesia, the current home of Kalimasada, to see and experience it for myself….and I had my own share of unintended consequences. Eventually I had to accept that if kids can do it, what about you?

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