Meet the Doctors

Vernon Barksdale, MD MPH CPIDr. Vernon Barksdale has been studying, researching and practicing medicine and metaphysics for more than 30 years. He attended Harvard University prior to entering medical school at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. Barksdale has developed applications of metaphysical principles that reflect the unity of the healing sciences and spirituality. As a practicing board certified psychiatrist and clinical researcher, he has coupled the clinical strengths of cognitive behavioral sciences and research in healing with metaphysical science to bridge the interface between the human physiological/psychological aspects of mind and the spiritual aspects of mind and being. Dr. Barksdale has incorporated sounds and voices to help the mind attain the theta level of brain functioning, while optimizing the harmony of right and left brain working together.

Dr. Barksdale, in collaboration with his wife, Dr. Louise Taber Barksdale, has created the 3 As 1 Successful Living Series. They lovingly present these works to you as an individual or a couple in hopes that these top spiritual meditation exercises will strengthen your relationship with God and with each other. Regular practice with the Day Creator, Blessed Union and the Spiritual Mind Enhancer will enhance the outcomes in your life, create a more unified couple, and promote healthy relaxation.

Louise Taber Barksdale, MD FACPLouise Taber Barksdale, MD FACP, is wife and co-author with Dr. Vernon Barksdale. She is a board certified internal medicine physician, registered dietician, certified physician investigator and clinical researcher.

They have worked together developing these metaphysical tools to enhance spiritual connection with the divine creative force and your loved one. It is often difficult to practice and incorporate a spiritual meditation discipline into daily life.

Dr. Taber Barksdale struggled with this process until, together with her husband, she discovered that focused, brief meditations could be practiced with good results. The experience could be embedded into a lifestyle without great effort, yet make a great difference in the ability to access this higher level of mind.

“As an Internist for the last 25 years, I have dealt with patient symptoms, physical signs of illness, results of lab tests, EKGs, and X-ray reports. A few years ago, my entire life changed very drastically. I had to make a lot of decisions regarding my future. Vernon gave me a CD that he had recorded for beginners in meditation. It was amazing! I learned to visualize how I wanted my life to be structured. I opened my mind to possibilities that had previously just been daydreams. I made decisions that I never would have made otherwise. I am now ‘creating’ my life, rather than living day-to-day and reacting to life.

“Since then, I have been studying metaphysical principles. I started reading some of the books that Vernon recommended. I found so much joy, especially in the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. He describes an entirely different approach to looking at life – as a human, but also from a much larger, universal focus. It certainly puts our daily struggles into a different perspective! I have witnessed many remarkable results from meditation techniques and prayers. I would not have believed them, had I not lived them. It’s easy to pooh-pooh events as ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence,’ at least at first. Eventually, the concept of ‘fate’ just doesn’t work. There are too many strong forces at work in our lives, stronger than remote controls, cell phones, and wireless internet!”