Time for A Reality Adjustment!

Making that lightbulb bounce and seeing my palm and that of my instructor change color still amaze me!  What kind of reality have I entered now?  How do we reconcile this with our understanding of who we are and where we come from?  Before I go further, a brief summary of what I learned from the several schools may tie this together. I compared the schools’ messages to hopefully find an underlying Axiom[s] that transcended the cultural, historical and philosophical differences. That was the scientific part of my mind that wanted consistency.  I did find this consistent foundational belief or Axiom: Before any form of manifestation, be it nuclear particle or “primordial dust,” there was only the Creator. The Creator filled all space, was timeless and there was nothing to fill in the gaps, as there were none.  This means that all particles, waveforms and living organisms, including man, were made within the very Creator.  Our physical reality is a complex, magnificent thought form, made from the substance of  the Creator.  Our minds are a microcosm of this process: “as above, so below.” It does not mean we are “below” the Creator here on earth, but that we are at lower levels of awareness and function within the Creator’s presence. Think of your mind and existence as a 120 volt current outlet coming from a 50,000 volt source. Several step-down transformers exist between the source and you to step the electricity down to a usable level. But it’s still the same electricity and comes from the same source.  What if we could increase the capacity of the outlet to safely handle progressively more voltage? Could that improve health, reduce stress, and enhance ability to direct the outcomes in life in a more positive way?  The possibilities are exciting and sometimes scary, as they mean a departure from the way we look at life and our ability to more actively effect the outcomes.  Before I could develop this system of access, I had to overcome my internal scientific skepticism on the ability to make the connection without any special talents or gifts. It had to be a process based on safe, reasonable access for the majority of people willing to put in some time and training. I made a long overdue trip to Indonesia, the current home of Kalimasada, to see and experience it for myself….and I had my own share of unintended consequences. Eventually I had to accept that if kids can do it, what about you?

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