Levels of Mind Awareness for Meditation

There are four recognized states of mind awareness:

Beta – awake, regular day-to-day functioning
Alpha – relaxed but not thinking, drifting off to sleep or daydreaming
Theta – deep meditation
Delta – deep dreamless sleep

Most people naturally move through these states at various moments in a day, but are unaware or do not recognize them. For example, most people spend all of their waking hours in the beta state, and briefly pass through the alpha state as they drift off to sleep. The delta state of dreamless sleep is usually only recognized after we wake up from it feeling peaceful and especially rested.

Meditation is a process of training the mind to seek out and consciously achieve levels of mind awareness beyond the beta state. The health benefits of meditation are widely accepted and well documented. Guided meditation and meditation practice exercises train an individual to achieve and remain at different mind consciousness states for the benefit of relaxation, healing, coping, and regeneration.

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