The Spiritual Mind Enhancer

Spiritual Mind EnhancerThe Spiritual Mind Enhancer is a training meditation to enhance inner perception and awareness of your spiritual mind.

This 3 As 1 Successful Living Series title, The Spiritual Mind Enhancer, includes three separate tracks for meditation trainings that will develop your ability to function actively at deeper levels of mind. The interface between conscious and spiritual minds can be bridged through deep meditation, creating a more vibrant spiritual well being.
Guided meditation exercises with The Spiritual Mind Enhancer foster brain entrainment that will allow you to consistently achieve the deep level meditation while increasing your spiritual well being.

Working with a guided meditation CD or MP3 download will help you develop the consistency needed for regular deep theta level meditation or delta level meditation. Practice the meditation process to access your spiritual mind and enhance your spiritual well being. The 3 As 1 Successful Living Series title The Spiritual Mind Enhancer uses alternating tones that keep the right and left brain engaged and promote greater awareness of spiritual energy.