Kalimasada: Consciousness Of Health and Healing On the Journey Within

I’ve been discussing the connection between the Spiritual you and the cognitive thinking, physical, emotional you. We have a large body of medical literature documenting how emotions can activate our immune system and other bodily defenses, like the flight or fight reaction. We have mapped neuronal pathways to understand the processes of speech, emotions, movement and memory. We have a good understanding of reasoning and how our brain helps to put it all together to make our reality.  We glibly talk about our perceptions and perspectives giving us a different belief and attitude about the same object or event. Yet, we are still hard put defining all that consciousness is and its location in the brain.  We forget that we are “re-creating” reality moment to moment in our brain and consciousness. We create our ideas and plans in consciousness with the brain serving as the “hardware” to get the data organized.  Paradoxically, wisdom says there is “nothing new under the sun.”  Perhaps it’s time to re-examine the wonderful phenomenon of our consciousness.

I’ve been discussing how we have an interface with the Creator of this world. If we are Spiritual beings having a human experience, then the interface will have attributes similar to how the Creator functions.  If we are living within the substance of the Creator, then consciousness can and should logically serve as the template for how we create. “As above, so below” does not mean below in stature or distance. It means below as in lower level of energy of creation.  We do at our level as the Creator does at the level of “primary” manifestation.  This is why having an attitude of gratitude is so important. Get your mind around who and what you “potentially” are.  I say “potentially” since we have to understand it, believe it and conduct our lives as if it were so. Otherwise, it shall not be. These exercises and practices are to help you begin the process and take a step more deeply into consciousness, to experience who you really are and what you really are capable of being. 

Unfortunately, we have so much conditioning throughout life that it is hard to detach from the external reality to take this journey more deeply into consciousness. So, I went on the journey without distance in an attempt to bring out some of this activity of consciousness. It was a remarkable and yet unsettling experience.  In my consciousness, I was able to experience what some of this Spiritual energy from the Creator felt like while directing its flow through me.

Feeling energy emanating from my palms or gently rocking my body like an uncontrolled magnetic wave challenged my concept of reality. At times, it felt so strong it would lift up my arms like they were in an anti-gravity wave and hold them suspended. This was more than I had ever experienced meditating, where I felt more inner emotional awareness and control of the events.  Members of Kalimasada I met had had similar experiences.  Despite these observations and experiences, I took a hiatus from practice in order to process this journey.

 It did not matter that I had traveled to Indonesia and seen many people in live settings experiencing the same and more of what consciousness connected to the Creator can do.  While there, I watched an investigative TV show doing a series on Kalimasada, with similar findings.  When it happens to you, you have to reassess your priorities and paradigms.

In the world’s largest Muslim country, I was a non-Muslim welcomed by my peers in Kalimasada. The only entry requirement was that I believed in God as the ultimate Creator and driving force behind what we were doing. We had to pledge to follow a system of spiritual ethics. It included respect for the Grand Master and not using what you were learning to harm or take advantage of others. Performing acts of charity and helping to heal others were also part of the expected activities. There were all sorts of missions, from blood drives to running orphanages.  I learned that Kalimasada originated in ancient India as a discipline for Spiritual energy transmission to and through a person to heal and help others. Kalimasada migrated through the Malay Peninsula to Indonesia.  The experience was mind-opening. Kalimasada had the same principles as Western metaphysical schools about the power of consciousness and a Creator who could be studied and experienced.  This made me aware of the deficits of a medical culture that did not access all resources to promote healing and health.  When we work our desires for health at all levels, we improve daily functioning and promote healing.

The ultimate gift of the Creator is the ability, through consciousness, to access the intelligent flow of creation in order to bring into our lives [with work] the health and prosperity we desire.  It’s yours for the taking…and we’ll talk about how to get there.

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