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This is blog 10 of a series of 10 blogs on this topic.  We’ve been sharing some thoughts and experiences of peer counselors J, K, M, R and Y, working with Recovery Innovations Arizona (RIAZ) both as participants in the system and as coaches helping others. The WRAP program through RIAZ makes a difference in peoples’ lives. In this last blog, we’ll review some of the peers’ thoughts about the WRAP program.

Y reveals, “You have to be pretty much honest with yourself. You have to understand that ‘OK, this is what is going on with me. This is what I’m experiencing. Let me get some help for whatever it is that I’m going through.’ Some people isolate themselves. They stay home. In this program you interact with other peers who are going through the same thing you’re going through.” Y hopes that every individual who experiences some challenges can participate in a program or support group, so he or she can be on a journey to recovery also.

K agrees that finding support is really important. She hopes people find happiness in whatever they’re doing. “Their recovery is going to be different than my recovery, but we’re all moving forward every day in our own personal journey.”  M would like to see programs in the future be more focused on the wellness aspect than on the illness aspect. “Treatment can be a turning point.”

We have nationalized care for the mentally ill. We have Recovery Innovations International in many different parts of the world, but we don’t have the type of circle of friends that is available as going to 12-Steps meetings. In our community, the most important part of what makes this successful is having that sense of community to which you can belong. Down the road, there’ll be some online activities that can help expand that community and make it workable. We’ll have to see what the future holds in the future.

We are so thankful to the wonderful peers with RIAZ who shared their challenges, stresses, and hopes for the future with us.  The next series of blogs will relate to experiences of several Indian physicians in Psychiatry residency programs relating to similarities and differences between Eastern and Western philosophies. We are so different, but so similar!

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