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Benefits of Learning to Meditate

Learning to meditate is learning to calm your mind and control your thoughts. In the course of a normal day, most adults’ minds are like a snow globe that has been shaken. There are a myriad of thoughts just racing around, one on top of the next. Meditation allows us to set the snow globe down so that the thoughts settle down and our minds become as clear as the still water in the globe.

Once we understand that simple act of freeing the mind, meditation can be used for so much more. One of the most productive uses of meditation is to establish a spiritual relationship with God that has the side benefit of blessing our daily activities and keeping us focused on positive outcomes.

Day Creator, the first guided meditation CD in the Successful Living Series, includes training for two types of meditation activities that benefit our minds – universal consciousness at the beginning and ending of each day. In Universal Unity, you will create the spiritual consciousness that will set up the best outcomes for your day. In Relax and Review, you will release tension and negative energies from your day that will promote a healing and peace.

Meditation promotes powerful changes in your life. Learning to meditate and practicing meditation regularly will benefit your work, your health, and your peace of mind.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer Workshop

I am very excited to present this workshop on deepening meditation at the slower theta and delta brain wave levels at IIIHS in Montreal. This training builds upon the material in The Spiritual Mind Enhancer CD to increase mental awareness while at deep relaxation and meditation. It will enhance your spiritual mind awareness and increase ability to effectively use your spiritual senses of communication—visualization, imagination and emotion. Just as we practice to improve our conscious mind perception skills, we will get the most out of meditation by increasing the sensory skills at the level of interface between the conscious and spiritual mind. The spiritual mind has the ability to expand or project beyond the confines of the physical body without having to dissociate your spiritual body from the physical body. These guided meditation exercises teach you to be comfortable at this deeper level of mind including practicing projection of consciousness. The exercises also use the slower entrainment rhythms to help keep your brain activity at the more beneficial slower wave levels throughout the exercises.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer workshop is part of the Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS) and Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada (SSF) 35th Annual International Conference, and I hope to see you there! — Dr. Vernon Barksdale

3 As 1 Announces Our New Title in the Successful Living Series Guided Meditation CD Collection: The Spiritual Mind Enhancer

3 As 1 Productions is pleased to announce the newest guided meditation CD in our Successful Living Series. The Spiritual Mind Enhancer provides training meditation to enhance inner perception and awareness of your spiritual mind. The three tracks are designed as meditation exercises that promote brain entrainment to heighten your spiritual well being while attaining the deeper theta and delta levels of meditation.

With guided meditation practice, you can maintain awareness at this deeper level of mind, while heightening sensory modalities used for communication and perception: visualization, emotion, and awareness of spiritual energy. The tones are alternating to keep the left and right brain engaged throughout. The entrainment rhythm helps to maintain brain function at the slower theta frequency, allowing you to ascend deeply into the inner world you create.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer is immediately available for MP3 download from the website.

The CD version of The Spiritual Mind Enhancer will be available beginning in July 2010 when Vernon Barksdale, MD, MPH, CPI leads a workshop at the Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS) and Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada (SSF) 35th Annual International Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Why Train Myself to Meditate?

Guided mediation and meditation practice routines are essential for effective meditation. As with any skill, mastery of mediation comes from practice. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand and achieve the theta state of meditation, but this is the place where your mind can powerfully learn and understand, as well as heal and rest.

Most beginners start with the alpha state and progress to the theta meditation level. Practice with tones, beats, music and pacing will be invaluable as a guide. Exercises can help your mind focus on achieving and maintaining the theta state without falling asleep or being sidetracked by “busy” thoughts. With continued effort, a meditative state can be achieved more easily, and perhaps without aids.

Once you can reliably achieve an alpha meditation state, the next goal is to seek out the theta meditation level. It is most easily accomplished when the brain has been trained – using meditation entrainment tones – to find the theta level of meditation, a deep level of meditation with a slow brainwave pattern. The theta meditation level is the most sought-after, most productive, most refreshing level of meditation that promotes happiness, wellness, and spiritual awareness. The theta meditation is often referred to as bliss.

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Levels of Mind Awareness for Meditation

There are four recognized states of mind awareness:

Beta – awake, regular day-to-day functioning
Alpha – relaxed but not thinking, drifting off to sleep or daydreaming
Theta – deep meditation
Delta – deep dreamless sleep

Most people naturally move through these states at various moments in a day, but are unaware or do not recognize them. For example, most people spend all of their waking hours in the beta state, and briefly pass through the alpha state as they drift off to sleep. The delta state of dreamless sleep is usually only recognized after we wake up from it feeling peaceful and especially rested.

Meditation is a process of training the mind to seek out and consciously achieve levels of mind awareness beyond the beta state. The health benefits of meditation are widely accepted and well documented. Guided meditation and meditation practice exercises train an individual to achieve and remain at different mind consciousness states for the benefit of relaxation, healing, coping, and regeneration.

3as1 Meditation cds – $16.00