Use Positive Energies!

The recovery process allows people to have return of a sound mind for a more virtuous, meaningful, spiritual life. Many people with psychiatric disorders who add drugs and alcohol to the mix complicate recovery. They become resistant to treatment and to medications. As we’ve seen in the recovering mental health community, many people can, with a combination of treatment, counseling, medication, and peer support, reestablish all the vital connections. We lose a lot of that with addiction because it disrupts the mind.

Happiness and fear are types of energy. Deception is a negative energy. How does that negative energy, held in mind, disrupt the spiritual connection, the resource someone is looking for? Addictions isolate. The more an addict “uses,” the less the addiction helps. It becomes a lonelier and lonelier endeavor. Ultimately, the drug addict uses alone. He’s isolated himself, still chasing the high. He can’t get the desired result.

In a sound spiritual program of recovery, people are connecting to a higher power. It’s relational. It’s a positive, life-giving relationship.   It requires truth. Think about answers to these questions: Who am I? What am I doing here? What was I sent here to do? What are my goals? Am I not achieving my goals?

Truth, generosity, honesty, honor, and trustworthiness are virtues that enable us to live lives that are not so lonely, that are more connected. One of our colleagues in the Addiction world, Chana (pronounced “Hana,” like the road to Hana, Hawaii) Carro is a licensed independent Substance Abuse Counselor, with over 24 years’ experience. She discusses guilt. “This whole movement in our culture today to relieve people of guilt is really misguided. Guilt is an alarm system, letting you know that you’ve gone outside of your value system.” Guilt is not specific to a specific religion or culture. Can “religion” help in recovery?

Vernon and Louise Barksdale

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