Your Health Attitude—Are You Creating Dis-ease?

Eustress or Distress

The last video link of an adolescent practicing Kalimasada demonstrates the results of study and belief. What’s that got to do with your health? It illustrates the powerful potential we all have within. There is a connection between the mind and body with the Creator.

Your health has as much to do with attitude and beliefs as it does with genetics and straightforward biology. Of most importance, recent research in Neurosciences has documented how excessive stress and major illnesses such as clinical depression and PTSD mobilize the body’s immune system to attack the brain.  This causes deficits in cognition, memory and emotional functioning.  We know that beliefs and emotions translate into immune system changes. It’s not a big stretch to see how stressful, unhealthy lifestyles increase risk for heart disease, where we also find an inflammatory process at work.  Many of you may have seen the expansion of the word disease into ‘dis-ease’…

We are now enhancing the knowledge in medical science with the innate spiritual wisdom in disciplines such as Kalimasada. We can measure immune system inflammatory factors at work during severe stress and major mental illnesses. We can identify forms of Cognitive Psychotherapy that have a positive effect on reducing these inflammatory factors.  For those fortunate not to have these health challenges, we have the opportunity to promote healthier functioning. Your “reality management machine,” i.e. your mind (more on that later!), is in a unique position to transfer information from the Spiritual you to the physical you, to further enhance your well-being.  You can increase the harmony and prosperity you desire!  

You may have been wondering why I requested to have this blog published in the health section of Epoch Times.  My challenge is to help you see the Big Picture. We are already connected in many ways to The Source that is eternally creating and sustaining the universe.  The system is in operation whether you are aware of it or not.  It responds to the data you put in—from your daily experiences, fears, hopes, anticipations and activities.  Most of us go through life unaware of this resource and its impact on our successes and failures.  The process really has you in the driver’s seat. As it operates in response to our thoughts and emotions, we get to live the results.  Many miss out on opening their Spiritual connection to amplify this process for better physical health and prosperity.  If you focus on fear, anxious worrying, or negative attitudes about yourself, you are giving instruction that promotes ‘dis-ease’ emotionally, physically and experientially.   So, the more you learn ways to purposefully use your mind and reduce/remove the negative, it will pay you dividends in health and prosperity!  Seems logical, so why has it been so hard to employ in everyday life?   For more science info: