Take A Deeper Step Into Consciousness: Key To Creation

The other important aspect of this process is the rebellion you may experience from the subconscious aspect of your mind. Besides your senses of self and autonomy, your subconscious carries fears, negative past experiences and misgivings.  This keeps you cautious and protects you from repeating the same errors.  It also keeps you disconnected from awareness of the Creator’s presence within you. It’s complicated. It has a lot to do with free will and being the master of your ship. Remember, your best outcomes in life so far may appear to be great, even without intentional use of this connection and resource. Good for you! For many, however, successes are often temporary or somehow unravel.  There may be just as many failures as successes.   Imagine a booster to positive achievements or a new understanding of what they really mean to you. Or, finding out what you initially thought was great was not the path you ultimately take to find your dream.

We have desires and goals.  Just like an aspiring athlete, we can go much farther with the right coaching and guidance.  We can benefit from an enhanced perspective. We still have to put in the practice and work.  We may have to change technique or position to achieve our goals.  We always do better with coaching, mentoring and inspiration. When it really counts, we can’t just get by on talent alone—or free will alone. This connection allows you to benefit from the Creator’s perspective.   That’s coaching at the next level!  It’s user friendly.  Using this analogy with sports, the quality of your performance during game time is directly proportional to the quality of your practice effort.  We “practice” these exercises when not in “game” situations (the daily “grind”).  In practicing, we can get it right, locked in and part of re-set attitudes and expectations. Then, during the “game” of daily activities, we refer back to the affirmations with the same positive emotions and images. The nice thing about our consciousness and speed of thought is that we can access that positive state of mind quickly and surreptitiously. Remember, statements without emotion, imagery and positive expectation will not help us and may backfire with cynical criticism from Ego. If you spend most of your mental energy on the negative, with fearful, anxious emotions empowering thought, it will bring more disappointments or difficulties.   Chronic misgivings or fear will overpower joy and peace of mind.  If you don’t believe it can work for you (“access denied”), you just informed the subconscious to shut, not open, the interface. 

You have access to an interactive relationship. As with gravity, Creator’s presence and activity are ongoing whether we accept them or not.  You are actually reading and understanding this discussion by using components of your imagination, in your mind, in your consciousness. This is the space where you “create” ideas and strategies. It needs no props or external materials. It’s equipped with sound, video and feelings. We use it all the time and take it for granted, naïve to its function as the doorway to the Creator’s presence within. Nor do we make the connection that these aspects of mind “create” in a manner just like the Creator. We use a space in consciousness internal to self to “image” our ideas and thoughts we then empower with vivid emotion and detail.  We create within just as manifestation happens within the Creator.  Journey more deeply into consciousness by practicing and experiencing detail of image and depth of emotion. Remember.   Image and emotion are the key languages at this deeper level of consciousness.

In the beginning, the access may only be a feeling of more peace or calm.  The information will flow as a change in ideas, images or emotions.  Lastly, the more you focus on a project, the more opportunity of receiving “feedback” from various media—a book you notice online, someone’s comment in conversation or new ideas that come to mind.  We must also practice in accordance with Spiritual Ethics.  Nothing you do with malice or at the expense of others in a negative way will succeed.  There are limitless possibilities and abundance.  There is enough to go around.  As with sports, regular practice makes a difference. That’s why many find these techniques initially frustrating.  Use small consistent action as a good starting point.  The best strategy is the win-win attitude.  For more details on how to use these techniques, see The Golden Key link, a free download on mymindmyhealth.com.  How does this statement apply to your practice?  “As above, so below.” Let us know your thoughts!

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