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The Five Recovery Pathways to Wellness

IMG_1026We have had a number of discussions with the great set of people from Recovery Innovations International, including M, Y, J, K and R. Vernon has been a drug and alcohol specialist and was introduced to 12 Step Programs and the principles of recovery.   Wellness is a goal that we achieve and illness is something that takes away from wellness. Quite often in mental health, it is a process of one-on-one counseling, maybe group therapy, everything very confidential. There is a lot of stigma and issues related to having an illness needing treatment and needing support. Vernon had a very refreshing experience when introduced to Recovery Innovations now Recovery Innovations International. This is an awesome team of people who have helped family members and have been a great resource in our community. They understand the processes of wellness and recovery using a holistic approach. The next few blogs will review a little about their program. What makes it powerful in the collective world of mental health treatment as well as in the lives of the recovery specialists individually?

K reveals that Recovery Innovations started in 1996 as Meta Services. Their philosophy is based on the five recovery pathways. The first one is Hope. It’s a turning point, when we realize things are getting better. For her, “that was the key of my recovery, to get some hope back in my life.” The next pathway is Choice and the courage to make a choice. As K says, “It was a choice for me to recover, not somebody else making that choice but me making the choices by myself and the more we choose, the more we recover.” The third pathway is Empowerment, reclaiming the power to think for oneself, express feelings and opinions, succeed or fail, or to just have fun. In recovery culture, there is Value. Finally, Spirituality is finding new meaning and purpose in life. As K confesses, that’s what I needed to do with my life and that’s why I’m part of people that serve people with mental health challenges.”

The system and the culture of recovery allow a chance of fulfilling goals for each person and then that helps the person give back to that community.

Choice, hope and empowerment are the kinds of things that make it worthwhile to get up in the morning and go to work. In the next segment, we’ll review how some of this happens in the recovery culture.