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The Spiritual Mind Enhancer Workshop

I am very excited to present this workshop on deepening meditation at the slower theta and delta brain wave levels at IIIHS in Montreal. This training builds upon the material in The Spiritual Mind Enhancer CD to increase mental awareness while at deep relaxation and meditation. It will enhance your spiritual mind awareness and increase ability to effectively use your spiritual senses of communication—visualization, imagination and emotion. Just as we practice to improve our conscious mind perception skills, we will get the most out of meditation by increasing the sensory skills at the level of interface between the conscious and spiritual mind. The spiritual mind has the ability to expand or project beyond the confines of the physical body without having to dissociate your spiritual body from the physical body. These guided meditation exercises teach you to be comfortable at this deeper level of mind including practicing projection of consciousness. The exercises also use the slower entrainment rhythms to help keep your brain activity at the more beneficial slower wave levels throughout the exercises.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer workshop is part of the Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS) and Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada (SSF) 35th Annual International Conference, and I hope to see you there! — Dr. Vernon Barksdale

The Spiritual Mind — The Conscious Mind

Medical Science and Spiritual Science Together

As a practicing physician in psychiatry, addiction medicine, research and metaphysics I have been working to reunite our spiritual science with our medical science. That avocation has taken me on an inner journey of many experiences through study and direct spiritual training as well as a journey half way round the world in pursuit of this work.

I continue to study with my wife in practical and deeper spiritual training and exercises. We have had many experiences that have deepened our relationship and improved our ability to live life purposefully, master fears, and heal many of the bruises of life we had along the way.

Applying medical knowledge of brain function to the task of maintaining cognitive functioning faculties during deep meditation was essential in our success. It takes more than just guided meditation for one to access higher states of consciousness. There are new sensory modalities and ways of communication that are necessary to make the most of the experience when accessing the spiritual mind. If our consciousness is non-local, existing well beyond the physical borders of the body and mind, then we must improve our functioning while in consciousness to heighten the awareness of its non-local existence. Therein lays the access to the more pure aspects of consciousness, the spiritual mind. So we embark on this journey by exercising our perception skills with this meditation training for accessing higher levels of consciousness.

Spiritual and Consious MindWe generally are not aware of this transcendent aspect of our consciousness. It is the interface to our spiritual inner awareness. The exercises on the first track of this deep meditation CD takes you to deep relaxation at theta level while keeping the right and left brain engaged in the process. The exercises then work to deepen awareness and comfort with the inner consciousness modalities of communication—image and emotion. The stronger we can make these modalities, the better the exploration and task accomplishment at this deeper level of consciousness. The other tracks allow you to practice free-form at this level of mind. We also use alternating tones to help entrain the brain with the subtle third sound.

This CD in the Successful Living Series will be launched at the SSF-IIIHS conference in our workshop on enhancing meditation skills.

3as1 Meditation cds – $16.00

Successful Living Series

Successful Living SeriesWe are very excited to introduce our Day Creator and Blessed Union meditation CDs for deep relaxation and guided meditation to assist people in increasing spiritual well being. As practicing physicians, we understand the busy schedule and other distractions that make a spiritual discipline difficult to maintain. Our application of medical principles such as control of the breath, slowing the brain activity to theta meditation, deep relaxation and alternating tones to stimulate right and left brain, further enhances your ability to create and deepen the internal mental awareness that best interfaces with spiritual mind.

The Blessed Union

Dr Louise Barksdale helped to inspire the Blessed Union couples meditation to help us enhance our unity as a couple as well as our spiritual inner awareness as one. If consciousness is non-local, then our loving relationship and harmony can be further enhanced if we blend more and more of the expanded aspect of our individual consciousness via the path of deep meditation. The exercise is set up to facilitate your consciousness functioning at the deeper theta level of brain activity. This is the level of access to the expanded mind consciousness beyond our physical boundaries. There is access to the purer aspects of our spiritual consciousness—the spiritual mind of the greater You that is projecting into your consciousness and your physical body for this life learning experience. The more we can share in that unity as loving couples, the greater the harmony and spontaneous unity of purpose. This further opens the heart center, deepening the loving relationship.

Blessed Union CD – $16.00

The Day Creator

As busy professionals we also wanted a way to build the benefits of connected consciousness, spiritual wellbeing and mutual benefit for all in our daily activities. The Day Creator and Relax and Review exercises on the Day Creator CD achieve this goal with a guided meditation that allows faster access to deep relaxation, theta brain level deep meditation, and programming of your activities with a higher purpose. Universal principles for successful relationships are woven into the exercise. We use the benefits of medical meditation strategies to improve your abilities to set the tone for the day in a positive, abundant and peaceful way. We use this CD the most as it is focused and of reasonable length to be a part of every morning routine or evening repose.

Day Creator CD – $16.00

Enjoy these exercises and let us know your experiences! We will be discussing the research behind these top CD downloads at the SSF-IIIHS conference. Stop by to share your thoughts.