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Why Dual Tonality is Important in Brainwave Entrainment

Our brains create different rhythms and patterns constantly. These patterns and activity move up, down, and all around in reaction to what is being heard, thought, and felt. Usually there is one dominant thought or action, with many other active functions at various levels of background. Imagine hearing a complex chord played on an instrument: you may focus in on just one pitch, but you are hearing and processing all of the notes no matter how many are played.

One of the goals of meditation is to quiet and control the brain activity to allow for deep relaxation meditation and higher spiritual consciousness. This is accomplished by training the brain to respond in a predictable way to a consistent stimulus or process. A single tone brain entrainment is like hearing just the one dominant pitch of the chord. But adding dual tonality opens up the meditation training exercises so that the brain can process complex activities in an organized way.

To achieve the most effective level of meditation, theta meditation, it is important to utilize a guided meditation download that includes dual tonality brainwave entrainment. The Successful Living Series title The Spiritual Mind Enhancer provides guided meditation training that is specifically focused on achieving the theta meditative state.

Theta Meditation

The theta meditation state is achieved at 4-7 Hz of brainwave activity. This is the optimal combination of expanded awareness with maintained consciousness. Theta meditation is the deep level needed for hypnotic suggestions to take root, and can also include the experiences of remote viewing, of self-healing, and of clairvoyance. Often the theta meditation level promotes a cosmic consciousness or spiritual inner awareness that is simply not available in any other mind state.

The goal of theta meditation is to maintain conscious awareness despite reduced environmental input. This is the natural level of brain activity as we fall asleep, and remaining conscious in this state requires brain entrainment and practice.

The purpose of theta meditation is to provide for a more spiritual mind that has expanded insight and creativity. Visualization, imagination and emotion are most effective for communication with the spiritual mind that is developed at the theta meditative state. This communication brings endless information about the world that is often received as intuition.

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Why Train Myself to Meditate?

Guided mediation and meditation practice routines are essential for effective meditation. As with any skill, mastery of mediation comes from practice. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand and achieve the theta state of meditation, but this is the place where your mind can powerfully learn and understand, as well as heal and rest.

Most beginners start with the alpha state and progress to the theta meditation level. Practice with tones, beats, music and pacing will be invaluable as a guide. Exercises can help your mind focus on achieving and maintaining the theta state without falling asleep or being sidetracked by “busy” thoughts. With continued effort, a meditative state can be achieved more easily, and perhaps without aids.

Once you can reliably achieve an alpha meditation state, the next goal is to seek out the theta meditation level. It is most easily accomplished when the brain has been trained – using meditation entrainment tones – to find the theta level of meditation, a deep level of meditation with a slow brainwave pattern. The theta meditation level is the most sought-after, most productive, most refreshing level of meditation that promotes happiness, wellness, and spiritual awareness. The theta meditation is often referred to as bliss.

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Levels of Mind Awareness for Meditation

There are four recognized states of mind awareness:

Beta – awake, regular day-to-day functioning
Alpha – relaxed but not thinking, drifting off to sleep or daydreaming
Theta – deep meditation
Delta – deep dreamless sleep

Most people naturally move through these states at various moments in a day, but are unaware or do not recognize them. For example, most people spend all of their waking hours in the beta state, and briefly pass through the alpha state as they drift off to sleep. The delta state of dreamless sleep is usually only recognized after we wake up from it feeling peaceful and especially rested.

Meditation is a process of training the mind to seek out and consciously achieve levels of mind awareness beyond the beta state. The health benefits of meditation are widely accepted and well documented. Guided meditation and meditation practice exercises train an individual to achieve and remain at different mind consciousness states for the benefit of relaxation, healing, coping, and regeneration.

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