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Dr. Vernon Barksdale Featured on Afriquecanada.TV

Vernon Barksdale, MD MPH CPI, was invited to participate in the Featured Speakers Series of the Today in Miracles show that is available to view online at The show is hosted by Mwila The Queen, and represents inspirational themes of life-changing messages.

As a practicing psychiatrist and clinical researcher, Dr. Barksdale speaks with Mwila about his theories of how spiritually oriented techniques can be used in response to stress, anxiety, psychiatric issues and other health disorders. Using techniques that he developed with his wife, Louise Taber Barksdale, MD FACP, Dr. Barksdale shares how health promoting activities such as meditation can counter the effects of stress and other disorders than can cause damage to brain tissues.

Medical science proves that depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other major psychiatric illness, as well as diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes have causation components that are stress-related, and can lead to destruction of brain tissue. But with mindfulness meditation techniques and practice, improvement can be seen in the brain tissue that has been affected by these significant stressors. Mindfulness meditation has also been shown to improve sense of well being and manage chronic disease.

The Successful Living Series is a collection of specially designed meditation trainings for improving deep relaxation meditation ability to promote better physical, mental and spiritual health. In particular, the Successful Living Series promotes theta level meditation techniques utilizing alternating tones.

3 As 1 Announces Our New Title in the Successful Living Series Guided Meditation CD Collection: The Spiritual Mind Enhancer

3 As 1 Productions is pleased to announce the newest guided meditation CD in our Successful Living Series. The Spiritual Mind Enhancer provides training meditation to enhance inner perception and awareness of your spiritual mind. The three tracks are designed as meditation exercises that promote brain entrainment to heighten your spiritual well being while attaining the deeper theta and delta levels of meditation.

With guided meditation practice, you can maintain awareness at this deeper level of mind, while heightening sensory modalities used for communication and perception: visualization, emotion, and awareness of spiritual energy. The tones are alternating to keep the left and right brain engaged throughout. The entrainment rhythm helps to maintain brain function at the slower theta frequency, allowing you to ascend deeply into the inner world you create.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer is immediately available for MP3 download from the website.

The CD version of The Spiritual Mind Enhancer will be available beginning in July 2010 when Vernon Barksdale, MD, MPH, CPI leads a workshop at the Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS) and Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada (SSF) 35th Annual International Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Why Train Myself to Meditate?

Guided mediation and meditation practice routines are essential for effective meditation. As with any skill, mastery of mediation comes from practice. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand and achieve the theta state of meditation, but this is the place where your mind can powerfully learn and understand, as well as heal and rest.

Most beginners start with the alpha state and progress to the theta meditation level. Practice with tones, beats, music and pacing will be invaluable as a guide. Exercises can help your mind focus on achieving and maintaining the theta state without falling asleep or being sidetracked by “busy” thoughts. With continued effort, a meditative state can be achieved more easily, and perhaps without aids.

Once you can reliably achieve an alpha meditation state, the next goal is to seek out the theta meditation level. It is most easily accomplished when the brain has been trained – using meditation entrainment tones – to find the theta level of meditation, a deep level of meditation with a slow brainwave pattern. The theta meditation level is the most sought-after, most productive, most refreshing level of meditation that promotes happiness, wellness, and spiritual awareness. The theta meditation is often referred to as bliss.

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