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Why Couples Meditation is Helpful

Serious, committed couples desire to have a deepening connection throughout their lives. They strive for harmony and union in all aspects of their relationship, but none as important as a spiritual connection that will nurture the individuals as well as the union.

Couples often describe this desire as a yearning for closeness, the fulfillment of two hearts that beat as one. Achieving that closeness requires the time and effort to work together with a common purpose: strengthen the bonds of union.

Couples meditation creates the space for two people to utilize couples prayer through spiritual meditation exercises. As you begin to make the most of couples meditation with guided meditation exercises, you will discover a space of calm and peace in your relationship that is renewing, and that deepens with repeated practice. Couples meditation creates a connectedness with yourself, with your partner, and eventually with universal consciousness.

That connectedness translates to deeper intimacy that is reflected in the deeper spiritual well being of the union. The unity of spiritual minds will also reflect in the union of physical minds and bodies. You will experience new intensity to your loving relationship by practicing couples meditation.