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Bridging the Taboo – A Cultural View of Psychiatry: India to America

On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, My Mind My Health hosted by Dr. Vernon Barksdale for Voice America satellite radio airs episode 11 entitled, “Bridging the Taboo – A Cultural View of Psychiatry: India to America” with special guests Dr. Padma Aking.

From classical Indian dance to practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Padma Aking brings a unique perspective on mental health.  She has a successful psychiatric practice in Phoenix, as well as an understanding of mental health challenges in eastern and western cultures. Are there ways of looking at and formulating treatment that differ due to eastern philosophies? What is the impact of western values on how mental illness is understood in India? What can we learn from eastern ways of life that may help us overcome mental and other health challenges in the west?  How can the east benefit from what we have developed in psychiatric medicine in the west?  What do we have in common and where are we still far apart?  Perhaps east and west have the best balance via mutual respect and shared values.

About Dr. Aking
Dr. Padma Aking is a practicing psychiatrist in Phoenix, AZ.  She was born in Hyderabad, India, and moved to the US a couple of decades ago.  Aking is also an Indian classical dancer and used this dance forum recently to present “Mind Matters,” a unique representation of psychiatric illnesses, in an effort to reduce stigma and increase mental health awareness. This is an innovative approach designed to start conversations about mental illnesses in a more acceptable way, especially in the East Indian population, where psychiatric illnesses are still viewed as taboo.