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Hope, Empowerment and Spirituality: Wellness through Recovery Pathways

On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, My Mind My Health hosted by Dr. Vernon Barksdale for Voice America satellite radio airs episode 8 entitled, “Hope, Empowerment and Spirituality: Wellness Through Recovery Pathways” with special guests from Recovery Innovations International

This week we turn our sights on mental health challenges and strategies to return wellness. We have been redefining the concept of wellness in this series, expanding its scope and strategies for achievement.  Are you getting the message that we are wholly capable of wellness?  Perhaps we should do a 180 and see ill health and many other challenges as imbalances in our “wellness” system.  Is there a way to apply wellness concepts to other areas of our lives?  It’s time to discuss how this works with people actively pursuing their personal recovery of wellness.  Our guests are not professionals but everyday people living the process and finding success through the 5 Recovery Pathways to accomplish their goals, reconnect to themselves and others and develop a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in life.

About Recovery Innovations International
Peer support staff of Recovery Innovations International; “A community of people on their journey to wellness.”  They ascribe to the 9 dimensions of wellness that include social, intellectual, spiritual and occupational dimensions.  Meet Kathy, Yvette, Rebecca, Julie and Mary Jane on the show, and find their organization at