Understanding Hypnosis and the Mind: The Head Works the Body

On Tuesday, May 3, 2011, My Mind My Health hosted by Dr. Vernon Barksdale for Voice America satellite radio airs episode 6 entitled, Understanding Hypnosis and the Mind:  The Head Works the Body with special guest William Stafford, PhD.

Dr. Barksdale’s listeners have been on a journey investigating the power of mind and its ability to benefit us in a manner that encompasses a holistic wellness of body, mind and spirit.  They have heard from internationally known experts on the power of mind to affect the immune system or activate internal healing power.  Science may just be catching up to understanding what so many have believed just by faith and experience. 

What about hypnosis?  You may have seen the stage acts and the read the print ads.  It’s time to look under the hood and see just what makes hypnosis work.  If there is a mind connection to other internal abilities, we want to know about it. Dr. Stafford started out as a business developer.  What does a man who looks at the math behind business proposals find in the science of hypnosis?  Can it benefit anyone?  What’s the difference in stage vs. clinical hypnosis?  These questions and more are the subject of episode 6.

About Dr. Stafford
William Stafford, PhD, is currently the Director and Chief of Therapy for New Dimensions Hypnosis Centers, specializing in alcohol, drug, eating disorders, stuttering and forgiveness.  He wrote the protocol, Rapid Recovery Program using hypnosis for treating drug, alcohol and eating disorders used by many practitioners coast to coast.  Dr. Stafford has been a student, teacher and/or practitioner of hypnosis/hypnotherapy for more than 30 years.  He is a certified instructor and teacher of hypnosis/hypnotherapy for the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, as well as the International Hypnosis Federation. His studies overseas have made him a proven lecturer on the mind, body, and spirit connection experience.  Visit Dr. Stafford’s website:  http://www.newdimensionshypnosis.com/

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