“A Power Greater Than Ourselves Could Restore Us …”

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, My Mind My Health hosted by Dr. Vernon Barksdale for Voice America satellite radio airs episode 7 entitled, “A Power Greater Than Ourselves Could Restore Us …” with special guest Chana Carro.

That famous phrase from the 12-step program has been adapted to many different addictive or compulsive behaviors worldwide.  So, how do you get that belief?  And what makes it so ubiquitous that different cultures, people of no faith and those of deep religious belief get the connection to the Higher Power?  Is there something within us all just waiting to be discovered?  Is there a difference between religion and spirituality?  Why is abuse of drugs and alcohol such a spiritual corruptor?  If the mind is such a powerful interface between body and the higher self, why isn’t appropriate use of will enough to handle the problem? Dr. Barksdale’s listeners have been exploring some of the unique aspects of mind with healing and the role of access to the transcendent self to promote wellness. Dr. Barksdale now turn his sights to drug and alcohol abuse. The week’s guest expert, Chana Carro, will shed some light on how spirituality and mind must work together to restore wellness from abuse/addiction across different cultures. 

About Ms. Carro
Chana Carro is a Diplomat in Clinical Social Work, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor with 24 years’ experience in the treatment of addiction.  Chana has a Masters degree in Social Work.  She is the former Executive Director of Outpatient Services at Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY.  Chana’s post-graduate studies in the Anthropology Department at Arizona State University explored spirituality and addiction, with a special emphasis on addiction in the Jewish Community.  Chana was Associate Faculty at ASU and ASU West and has taught in the Graduate School of Social Work where she developed a specialty course entitled Faith Based Intervention in Social Work Practice.  She is particularly sensitive to the impact of addiction on the whole family system and her research has included work in the Religious Studies Department exploring spirituality as it is expressed in the Twelve Step model of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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