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Healing Prayer

Dr. Vernon Barksdale has recorded a meditation version of the Ana B’Koach for your personal use. You will find that by meditating with this prayer you will see your health improve over time. It is also helpful to play this prayer in the background of your everyday activities and as you go about your daily routines. Your mind will hear the prayer throughout the day and will use the powerful healing forces for help heal your body.

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer

The Spiritual Mind Enhancer is meditation training to enhance your inner perceptions and awareness of your spiritual mind.

Run time: 67 minutes.

The Day Creator

The Day Creator exercise allows you to open the spiritual space in consciousness to create the best outcomes for your day.

Run time: 30 minutes

The Blessed Union

The Blessed Union training is exclusively for those couples who desire a deeper spiritual connection in their relationship.

Run time: 30 Minutes